I love looking under the hood. If I were a car mechanic the creases of my hands would be black with oil. I have a passion for operating systems, from supercomputers to nanobots, the weirder the better. In the early days, I used to lift the hood and say “Whoa, nice CPU, memory and storage.” I would go around and kick the tires (still don’t know why guys do that, must be a bloke thing). I have learned though that what you see at first glance tells you nothing about what is really going on under the hood. Years later I now look at only two things and they tell me everything. Logs and Processes.

Logs give me the history, every system has them, they record the good, the bad and the mundane. If you look closely at the logs you can feel the heart beat and listen to the system breathing, even the absence of logs tells you something. Processes tell you what the system is currently doing the resources it is consuming and where it is heading. With these two details, I can tell where the system has been and where it is going, this will tell me far more than a cursory glance under the hood.

Our lives can be like that, we can parade around a six pack and a quick look under the hood returns a ‘looks good, sounds good’ but if we dig a bit deeper we may see the real story. Let’s look at the logs, let’s see the processes, where have we been and where are we going. That is where the real data is.

W all have logs, a history, we may try to tuck these log files away in hidden directories but they are there, the good, the bad and the mundane. We all have a few dozen processes going on at once, all leading us somewhere in that great search for something.

If we are honest we are all searching for meaning and a lot of our processing power is caught up in this. Most of the time we settle for substitutes to real sustainable meaning. If we look at our log files in honesty, we see a lot of temporary satisfaction and broken bits of pieces.

When we reduce this down and look at what is actually going on here, we can only come to one conclusion. Our logs tell of our relentless search and brokenness and our processes show the endless desire for meaning beyond ourselves, our search for God. Take a look yourself under your own hood, go a little deeper and look at your logs. My experience and all the documentation at hand [Mat 7:7] tells me that if you reach out to God you will find Him.

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