The only subject I really enjoyed in high school was biology. There was an earthy primal sense about it, an ancient rhythm of everything wild and yet to be explored. We set about our discovery of primates and dissection of rats with all the vigour our fifteen years could muster.

While discussing primates the teacher lead us down the rabbit hole of evolution. With pride and  prejudice he stated “There are two ideologies concerning our existence evolution and creation.” When asked for a show of hands who believed in evolution twenty eight hands shot in the air like a Nazi rally. “.. And creation?” Raising our hands a girl and I waited our fate in the gas chamber.

My parents were, and still are, atheists. I was not even close to religious and the only time I had been to church was to raid the collection box. After reading the Origin of Species I was totally up for natural selection but thought evolution was obviously a nut job.  Even in the smallest organisms there is too much complexity for unplanned evolution. At the tender age of fifteen it looked very much planned and full of purpose. Standing back and looking at the case for evolution there are too many dots that have to be joined Not only does it not make sense but there is not enough time in existence for it to happen. Even if it did, it would have had to be planned impeccably and involve a lot of creation magic anyway.

Knitted together, created, dna

Knitted Ps 139:13

But here is the thing, in 1980 only two out of thirty kids voted for planned creation and a trip to the gas chamber, only two of us, I was shocked. The other girl sharing my fate had a boyfriend who picked her up from school in a car that had ‘Jesus Lives’ emblazoned  on the door panels. Although I had no empirical evidence for my decision I was sure as heck that neither did the other 28 kids for theirs. It must have been a learned reaction of sorts. Evolution as an ideology is something you cannot naturally come to, it is only available in the constructs of education.

From that point on Biology had lost a little of its shine and so had puberty. How could a whole class room of teenagers not question the norm or challenge the system and blindly accept the emperors clothes?

I want my kids to challenge me, to challenge my faith, don’t blindly accept what you are told. Find out for yourself, truth has a wonderful way of resonating deep within you, going beyond mental assent. Ask every question, seek and knock on the doors, have an open and enquiring mind. 

Later in life I found faith and every discovery in science since has only confirmed my initial findings beyond a doubt.  Perhaps a few of the 28 have decided to look beyond the mob mentality since that day. I hope they ask, seek and knock Mat 7:7 until the answer is beyond doubt.

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